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The first manufacturer of uPVC Windows in North India

Comparison of Winda REHAU uPVC Vs Wood

Winda REHAU Systems are Design to Supersede the Current Local Wooden Doors and Window in terms of Various value of insulation & performance.

Particular Winda uPVC Wood
Thermal Insulation Very good, Heat losses are reduced due to wider profile depth & multi chamber section & Low K value. Poor, Gaps in sash and frame fails in thermal insulation. Electric cost in running AC expedite by 35%.
Sound Insulation System reduces sound up to 40dB. Gaps do not able to keep sound inside or outside. Creates lapse in privacy and comfort.
Dust Insulation Dust does not come inside Dusts come inside certainly and reduce the shine and beauty of interiors.
Installation time Very quick and easy to install. Takes 5 days to complete outer of 500yd. house totally. Long time due to number of suppliers and various level of execution of wooden windows like timber, carpenter, Plywood, hardware, glass, polish material, painter etc…
Maintenance No need of regular polish/ paint. Just need to wash with any bath shampoo. Wood need polish and paint every year when exposed to weather.
Durability Much stronger due to steel reinforcement profile. Equal to a building life. Have to treat again and again from termite and borer attack.
Warping Will not warp, last for a life time. Warp on every season change.

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